Updated: Jan 6, 2020

We had an amazing night celebrating Bonjour Toowoomba’s 5th anniversary and Bonjour Travel’s second anniversary with our students, travellers and teachers.

The party went on until 10pm, around delicious food, with great drinks and with amazing company.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the people who got awards and certificates on the night:

-Jun, who has worked for Bonjour Toowoomba for the longest time,

-Manon, who has taught the most hours this year,

-Kathryn, who has taken part to all our Bonjour Toowoomba Travel tours so far,

-Deb and Sharleen – Best improved award

-Hannah – Best effort award

-Ethan, Belinda and Margo – Best fun in class

-The beginner 1.4 class – best attendance as a class

-Cathy, Mario and Karen who have been studying with us almost from day 1 without interruption.

Special thanks to our amazing teachers who helped a whole lot:

-Anne for the decoration and flowers,

-Monica and Joel for picking up orders,

-Jun, Brandon and Monica and Joel, our bartenders,

-Sofiah, our photographer

-James and Manon for the all around help, including the killer BBQ

And finally, special thanks to the businesses who helped us:

Santé, cocktail bar and W6 for the syrups and voucher

Momentum Tennis Coaching, for the voucher

-Anne’s Petals for the flowers

El Attar for the food and the voucher

-Original Saigon for the food

See you all next year!


& the team