Bonjour !

We are happy to say that we have 100 students enrolled this term.

A few numbers to summarise the business over the past 3 years:

-we have taught 11 languages to over 250 students,

-we have helped 5 migrants and refugees learn English, acquire new skills, pass bridging courses, etc,

-we have helped 6 businesses solve a language related problem (translation of websites, menus, adjusting business offers, learning customs, voicing over ads, proof-reading material in a foreign language, interpreting onsite and offsite, organising travels, etc),

-we have given private tuition to students from 6 high schools in Toowoomba helping them achieve more,

-we have prepared 8 students from 17 to 60 to go and live abroad, for a term to a lifetime.

To celebrate our international community, we have decided to offer a free term of group classes to the next 5 students enrolling for term 2, 3 and 4. That’s a $250 saving per student!

To enrol, contact us ASAP.

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