Updated: May 25

At Bonjour Toowoomba we spent all of last week getting ready for the coming measures, creating a solid contingency plan – COVID-19 Ready.

At Bonjour Toowoomba, most of our teachers are self-employed, meaning that if thy do not work, they do not get any income nor leave. That is why we have created a plan that guarantees that we can all keep working and studying from wherever in the world.

This plan has 2 major aspects:

-hygiene measures for lessons at the centre, to maintain them for as long as possible

-measures to guarantee the continuation of classes if the centre has to close or if students/teachers have to self-isolate – from Monday 16 March 2020 you will be able to join all our classes and events from an online classroom. Just contact us ASAP to set your class up should you ned to self isolate.

1) Hygiene measures

-you will find posters and how to efficiently wash your hands throughout the centre – we have 2 basins dedicated exclusively to hand wash – the toilet basin and the shower basin. We are changing hand towels everyday and you will find single use hand towels as well.

-our centre’s identified sensitive surfaces (door handles, tables, chair backs, light switches, dials on equipment, etc) are sprayed with a hospital grade disinfectant every day (date and time of last spray available in the kitchen area) and we will spray more often as required by our 3 level action plan.

-you will find tissues on tables and bins in each room.

-our cups, glasses, etc, are dipped in a food grade commercial disinfectant regularly(day/tim on the kitchen board).

2)Travelling, quarantines and self-quarantines

To be able to maintain lessons despite people travelling, being quarantined or self quarantined as a safety measure, we have built a plan including:

a team of substitute teachers, in case your teacher is not able to teach because they are sick, they are able to take over at any point.

-an online training and communication platform for all our staff – our teachers are able to communicate as a team, live, from anywhere in the world.

Google Classrooms for all students with direct access to all classroom activities and links to everything in case you are sick and need to catch up. Check your inbox, you will be invited to a classroom soon.

-New live online classroom apps – to enable all students and teachers to have a live language class from anywhere.

-A COVID-19 catch up class rate. Should you get sick, we will treat it as any other sickness with our catch up classes, except that we have installed a discount rate of $33/hour for a private face to face lesson (at the centre or online – regular price $60/ hour, catch up regular rate $40/hour).

Should you have any question, contact us ASAP.

Bonjour Toowoomba – Online Classrooms