Updated: Jan 6, 2020

This October we will be supporting Eva’s Place.

Eva’s Place in Toowoomba, is a place where pregnant women can find a place to breathe, talk through the stress and discuss their options…

At Eva’s place the team believes in giving women and their partners the information they need to make their choice, whether it is about abortion or the range of parenting options.

You can support them with us:

1) Make a donation online using the following link.

2) Leave your spare change in the dedicated baby bottle in our office.

3) Come to one of our events in October.

A part of the profits of each event and workshop at Bonjour Toowoomba is donated to charity. We support diverse charities throughout the year and sponsor children through World Vision, in Ethiopia, year round.

In October we will be supporting Eva’s Place.

Events this October:

5/10 – Pronunciation – French

07/10 – Conjugation – French – Futur proche

10/10 – Conjugation – French – Futur simple

12/10 – Dia d la Hispanidad – Family fete

19/10 – Conjugation – French – Passé récent

19/10 – Raising a multi-lingual family

19/10 – French colloquial expressions – wine and cheese evening

23/10 – Baking in French – under 6 children

26/10 – Conjugation – French – Passé-composé

26/10 – French conversation – Eco-responsable

27/10 – Oktoberfest – Family fete

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