HelloLinda, what language are you teaching at Bonjour Toowoomba?


How do you organize your classes?

For children, I try to organise something students are interested in, they usually tell us.

For adults, I try to talk more about daily life.

What’s your best language learning tip?

Learn the whole sentence, not word by word only.

Why do you like working at Bonjour Toowoomba?

I can make some pocket money, and can advocate for my culture – which I am very proud of.

Could you share some information about your country?

It is a big and complicated country, if anyone says “I know China very well”, do not believe them. However, there are some common traits in Chinese people:

People care about their children and education so much.

People are very diligent in working and studying.

People are more cooperative to the greater benefit of a group when they are required to.

Chinese Mandarin Lessons Bonjour Toowoomba

Do you have a funny story to share about you teaching?

I guess I do, but it is out of my ability to translate them into English

If you should live on a deserted island, what would you bring with you?

I will bring some books if the island has every essential to fill my tummy, keep me warm and safe.