“I love that learning another language is keeping my brain active…”



Bob Behrndt

G Day!  I have been attending one on one German lessons at Bonjour Language School since 2016. In that time I have received professional instruction from native German speakers that is of a very high standard, following a recognised curriculum.

Since I have commenced with Bonjour, I have visited Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Austria several times and used the skills that I have gained, with complete success. I have proven that the skills I have learned are actually really useful.

I am now continuing beyond my original requirement because I am fascinated with learning the language in more detail. Bonjour is providing excellent education in this respect.

During my time with Bonjour I have found the instructors friendly and considerate. When life has created problems affecting my ability to attend training, they were accepting and able to adjust to changing situations.

I completely recommend the Bonjour Language School to anyone wanting to learn or further language skills, for any of the Languages on offer.


Bob Behrndt


Anne is brilliant – love my classes. Enjoy our lessons immensely. Can’t wait for Christmas 2021 (Germany tour).


Í’ve really enjoyed the course with Safa (Arabic). The lessons were well-paced and appropriate to me level. She was always happy to answer my questions​ in detail.


I love my classes with Jun-san1

L. French, high school student

My teacher is always punctual and flexible, so lessons can be whenever. My teacher is super friendly and my French has improved amazingly. Thank you.


Manon is an excellent teacher and I am very happy with my experience.

H. New Australian resident

I want to tell you I got my permenent residency yesterday. (…) Thank you G., I am so happy for your words, work and your support. It makes me hopeful about the future.


My daughter Zoe absolutely loves her Japanese lessons with Koko.

J. Student and father of 2 children students

I have personally been learning French and can attest to the quality of the lessons and tutors. My children (who are much more fluent than I) have also gained enormously from the one-on-one and group tutoring sessions.

Cathy McAuliffe

Looking forward to another year working on my French with Bonjour Toowoomba.

It is a tribute to the friendly, encouraging, expert and professional teaching that I am heading back for my fourth year. 

Probably it’s the high standards combined with a relaxed learning environment that work for me.


I learnt Spanish with Monica for a little over a year. During that time, I went from not knowing a word to being able to introduce myself, talk about my family and have basic conversation. Mónica teaches with enthusiasm and uses practical tools to help the class learn (including a final ‘Escape Room’ to recap the terms lessons). No question was silly and she helped till your pronunciation was perfecto! I would definitely recommend learning Spanish from Bonjour Toowoomba, not only will you have a second language but you might even get a brownie or two.

B & J

Je suis heureuse en classe. J’apprends à un rythme soutenu.”


“I’m very happy and grateful.”


W. Mother of a high school student

My daughter, T.,  was a student with you for her final year in Year 12, preparing for her trip to Japan. What the Japanese teacher taught her was greatly appreciated and very useful.
Now that she has returned from Japan, we are looking at her continuing her education with your services.


I really enjoy Jun’s classes! She makes me feel so comfortable and she is very patient with me.


I have found language learning with Monica really enjoyable and have seen a great improvement in my language skills. Throughout my learning Spanish, she has always been enthusiastic and encouraging, and provides numerous resources for me to connect with learning content in and out of the lesson time. This support has made practicing what I have learnt during our lessons during my own time diverse and easily accessible.


I have been studying Spanish with Monica for 3 terms now and have really enjoyed every lesson.  Monica is fun and very patient when I get side-tracked with pronunciation and is happy to take the time to try and explain the meaning of a word or phrase that we don’t have a direct translation in English.  With the games and activities using real world phrases and communication for practical applications makes the learning a lot easier and the whole experience fun.

R. Health worker learning Arabic

I am really enjoying my classes! S. is a wonderful teacher and I feel very comfortable with her. She encourages me and praises me which makes me want to continue to improve. I am so proud I have been able to learn this language and use it at my work. The response I have received from the Arabic speaking patients has been wonderful and definitely makes me feel it’s worth continuing.


I contacted Bonjour Toowoomba looking to learn Spanish as a complete beginner. I’ve done a combination of private and group classes over the last few months with Monica. She is a brilliant teacher and I have had lots of fun learning this new language. Bonjour Toowoomba has been fantastic and well organised, adapting to adhere to government restrictions and offering online classes in recent times. I’ve been very impressed with everything and I would recommend Bonjour Toowoomba to anyone thinking about learning a language.

T. Mother of a high school student

Thank you for all you help last term. G. ended up with a B overall. Your lessons with her were a joy and really helped get her feeling positive again.

B – Admin Officer

As a mature aged woman, with an interest in the French language and culture, Bonjour Toowoomba was a natural first step towards learning the French language and to be introduced to the culture.

Commencing my journey almost two years ago, I have found my French tutors to be encouraging and supportive. In this class, I learn to speak, read and write the language as well as learning interesting facts about the French culture, their daily way of life and of course, their food.

My fellow class members vary in age, background and reasons for learning this language. This makes for a great learning environment.

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